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The thyroid, as you know, has been given the role of metabolism. We all know that it is more than just that, but when the metabolism or body temperature is consistently low (cold hands and feet), thyroid support is important to help the body’s overall metabolism rise. Although not completely responsible for weight gain/loss, the thyroid has been implicated in the speed of metabolic processes. This is a gently warming formula and clients will notice that effect in the taste. Extracts from: Ashwagandha Root, Bladderwrack (Seaweed), Kelp Seaweed, Jujube Fruit, Schisandra (Wu Wei Zi) Berry, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Cayenne Fruit also feed the thyroid tissues naturally. The cayenne makes a slight warming effect when swallowed.

Ingredients: Extracts from: Ashwagandha Root, Schisandra (Wu-Wei-Zi) Berry, Bladderwrack (Seaweed), Jujube Fruit, Kelp Seaweed, Cayenne Fruit, Vanilla Bean, Water, Organic Ethanol, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Organic Molasses, Organic Cane Sugar,
¹fermented in a probiotic culture inactivated after fermentation; preserved with organic alcohol

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