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We're making updates for the New Year! A few things may look different while we make these updates.

Happy New Year!

 Energetic Wellness

A Holistic Health Center Designed For Natural Wellness

You’re longing for amazing health.

Your body was designed for it, and the natural world is full of life-giving essentials meant to support it. When you live in alignment with natural cycles and are nourished with quality nutrients, it becomes possible to heal from illness and thrive with vibrancy.

The Energetic Wellness Center is dedicated to bringing to life the Seven Laws of Wellness that create health and happiness as we were each designed to have it. When you choose to make well-being a priority in your life, you’ll find everything you need right here.

Dr. Menzel is now offering Immune Boosting Scans!

As you know, the Coronavirus, known as COVID 19, is bombarding our headlines.

What we have discovered is that this “disease” is a result of a serious conflict between many people in Wuhan, China and their government in July 2019. Once their healing symptoms began, it was apparent they had experienced two conflict shocks: a territorial fear and an abandonment conflict. Together, these are known as “pneumonia.” They were afraid for their health and they felt like their government had abandoned them.

Their collective healing phase began in Dec. 2019 and, because of the fear of disease that permeates our world, fear began to spread around the world.

Remember: this is a fear conflict.
The most beneficial actions
you can take is to
support, support, support your body!

Stay out of fear.
Support your body so it is vitally robust.
Connect regularly with family and friends so you don't feel isolated.

To assist you,
schedule an
at Energetic Wellness.

The treatment takes about 30 minutes
and will boost your immune system
and your entire body!

Immune Boosting Scan: $99 (Regularly $125)
Includes an ionic detox foot bath as added support.

Immune Boosting Supplements:
will be recommended,
but are to be purchased separately.


Dedicated Service to Your Wellness

 Our community is founded on the spirit of Service to those who want to heal and learn to live naturally. The journey doesn’t have to be lonely, and it doesn’t need to be confusing. When you come home to Energetic Wellness, you’ll find everything you need to realize who you truly are: A perfect creation!

  • Learn how to shop and cook for your unique health needs with your own personal health coach.
  • Sweat out the stress in weekly yoga and functional fitness classes.
  • Make long-lasting changes to your lifestyle in our seasonal group Transformation experiences.
  • Get support healing your mindset and dealing with emotions in one-on-one counseling.
  • Purchase Dr. Menzel’s book – “The Transformation, 48 Days to Eating & Living Naturally for Life” – Your step-by-step guide for transforming your life.
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Participate in Health Awareness classes including Lunch and Learns led by Dr. Michele Menzel!

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Take advantage of a one-on-one naturopathic appointment with Energetic Wellness founder Dr. Michele Menzel.


Stay for a meal and take home high-quality groceries from The Real Cafe and Real Market.