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Our community is founded on the spirit of service to those who want to heal and learn to live naturally. The journey doesn’t have to be lonely, and it doesn’t need to be confusing. When you come home to Energetic Wellness, you’ll find everything you need to realize who you truly are: A perfect creation.

Energetic Wellness Naturopath Clinic School Edmond Ok Oklahoma

About Us

The Energetic Wellness Center started with the vision of Dr. Michele Menzel with the help of her daughter Jessica who has been working with Dr. Menzel since the founding of the company in Edmond, Oklahoma in 2008. Energetic Wellness Center now becomes a reality everyday through the collaboration of a dedicated team of wellness practitioners and support staff lead by Dr. Menzel and Jessica. Together, the Energetic Wellness team works to guide individuals back to health and vitality — living in harmony with their original biological design.

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