UNIQUE E® Mixed Tocopherols Concentrate


120 Softgels

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UNIQUE E® Mixed Tocopherols Concentrate (OPTIMUM E COMPLEX)

Mixed Tocopherols – THE STANDARD IN THE INDUSTRY for 50 years! PURE, natural UNIQUE E® Vitamin E concentrate consists of the natural form of Vitamin E containing NO fillers, allergens, colors, or vegetable oil. Kosher friendly. Each 700mg beef softgel mixed tocopherols contains the highest concentration of the complete Vitamin E tocopherol complex — HIGH-Gamma, HIGH-Alpha, with Beta and Delta isomers — completely void of fillers or additives that can turn rancid. This all-natural, PURE Vitamin E concentrate consists of the natural form of Vitamin E as obtained through the diet and as used by the body.

Mixed Tocopherols – Available in two sizes — 120-softgel bottle and an “easy travel size” 30-softgel bottle.


  • Contains the Highest Concentrations of PURE Vitamin E available
  • 700mg of the natural vitamin E complex of molecules
  • High d-gamma tocopherol, with a minimum of 300mg per softgel
  • 400 I.U. of alpha-tocopherol (268mg) per softgel

Quality Control

  • Strict quality control measures that conform to our high standards

Does Not Contain

  • Void of Fillers, Allergens, or Additives
  • Contains no soy oil, soy protein, gluten, or other fillers

Additional Information

  • Kosher friendly
Weight 6.5 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 5 in


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