EndroCare – 4oz


4 fl. oz

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Add EndroCare to the mix to provide healthy hormone support and utilization. EndroCare supports cellular actions so that hormones are functionally utilized. During stress, hormones get broken down to be used as a metabolic DTOXification step, when they were designed otherwise as messengers. Key support for the endocrine system includes Wild Cherry bark, Sarsaparilla, and Japanese Knotweed and Poke Root.

Ingredients: Extracts from: Jiaogulan Leaf, Ocotillo Bark, Vidari Kanda Root, Eleuthero Root, Fo Ti (He-Shou-Wu) Root, Sea Buckthorn Leaf, Cordyceps Mushroom, Camu Camu Fruit, Codonopsis Root, Star Anise, Bacopa Aerial, Fennel Seed, Green Tea Leaf, Herb Robert Leaf, Spikenard Root, Nutmeg Seed, Fulvic Acid, organic acids, and trace mineral, elements, amino acids, and polyphenols, Water, Organic Sugar Cane Ethanol, Gold, Silver, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate