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Happy New Year!

Wellness Center

Bringing the 7 laws of wellness to life.


Holistic Wellness

Balanced living encompasses every area of your life. We’ve incorporated all of it into the design of the Energetic Wellness Center. We’re an oasis of true natural living in a noisy world of inaccurate and misleading health information.

  • Wellness Services
  • Naturopathic Appointments
  • Classes and Training
  • Massage
  • Facial/Esthetician Services

Pure, Whole Foods

The “Standard American Diet” is full of toxic chemicals while lacking the vital nutrients your body needs on a daily basis. Return to a diet based on the food nature designed for you with delicious meals at the Real Cafe. Learn how to cook with pure, whole foods in your own home at our healthy cooking classes. Buy the ingredients before you leave in our Healthy Food Store.



Living a life aligned with your body’s perfect design and in harmony with nature goes against a lot of what’s considered “standard living” in modern American society. The choices that bring you back to balance might be more challenging to make if it means going against what friends and family do every day. At the Energetic Wellness Center, however, you’re never alone in your journey to living healthy and naturally.