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A community of professionals dedicated to your natural wellness

The Energetic Wellness Center started with the vision of Dr. Michele Menzel. It became a reality through the collaboration of a dedicated team of wellness practitioners and staff.

Together, we work to guide individuals back to living in harmony with their original biological design.

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Jessica Menzel


Growing up, I had a front seat view of the journey my mother, Dr. Menzel, pursued in order to achieve wellness. I was with her every step of the way, through all the diets, all the promises of health regained during a tough health crisis, until she finally arrived at a simple answer: pure, whole foods—exactly what the body needs to function healthfully.

To help my mom through her painful health crisis I began cooking and preparing food at a young age, making entire meals for the whole family by age 10. Our family moved around quite a bit before settling down here in Edmond in 2005. After high school, I pursued a degree in Studio Art with a focus in painting at the University of Central Oklahoma.

When mom first started Energetic Wellness out of our home, I was one of her first patients. I was skeptical of the SpectraVision at first but quickly embraced it as it helped me gain insight during the recoveries from my own various health crises. I have worked with my mom at Energetic Wellness off and on over the years. I feel it is such a great privilege to work in a family business, co-creating an atmosphere of education, family, and natural living—I have even had the opportunity to use my creative skills developing and designing the new Energetic Wellness.

Alongside my role as café manager, I will continue my classes for mothers who wish to raise their families according to natural living. As a mother of two, it is a priority of mine to share what I learn and empower other mothers to extend the conventional reach of family and encompass a wider tribe!



Joanna Lambert


Joanna Lambert has worked with individuals and families for more than six years.  She brings clinical experience from a variety of settings including private practice, a non-profit community mental health center as well as a youth services agency in which she served as Counselor and Interim Director for a program serving homeless teens.  In addition, she has experience working with foster and adoptive families and the unique challenges faced by children with a history of attachment trauma.

It was her own personal health challenges that led Joanna to Energetic Wellness, first as a patient and now as a practitioner.  As a patient, Joanna embarked on her own healing transformation and return to wellness.  With the help of Dr. Menzel, she discovered that her physical symptoms were inextricably linked to how she was caring for herself physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Upon realizing this truth, she embarked on a quest to transform her own life from the inside out.  As a result, she has grown even deeper in her resolve and passion for helping others do the same.  Joanna believes that within each of us there exists a wellspring of wisdom and guidance.  Each of us is both author and expert of our own life story.  In her role as Counselor, her intention is to help facilitate each individual’s uncovering and attunement to this inner guidance system as she positions herself alongside as partner and consultant.

Joanna received her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2006.  While working at a local non-profit, she went on to receive her Master of Education in Professional Counseling and Behavioral Studies from Oklahoma City University in 2010.  She continually works to expand her knowledge base and skills through professional training and personal studies.  Her commonly utilized therapeutic modalities include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Narrative Family Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, and Play and Art Therapy.  She is licensed through the Oklahoma State Board of Behavioral Health.

“Joy and peace are our birthright.  They are the result of living our most authentic and whole expression, the potential for which lies within each of us.  When we develop the courage to go within and discover our own personal truth, there are no limits to how much we can receive.  I am overjoyed to be a part of the Energetic Wellness community where I can be of service to others in my role as Counselor.”

– Joanna Lambert, LPC


Bailee O'Brien


  • Founder of Native Movement
  • Barre Certified with Barre Above
  • 200Hr Yin Yoga Certified with Aura Wellness
  • 2011-2015 Oklahoma City Thunder Girl

For the last four years, this Natural Native has been guiding others towards a complete mind, body & soul transformation. Her deep rooted passion for healing + movement has manifested into a creation all her own known as, “Native Movement.” Whether it’s yoga, dance, barre or anything else she’s teaching, she will inspire you to move, breathe, feel and experience life — authentically. Her teaching philosophy is centered around getting out of your head and into your body through breath and movement. As well as, finding a balance in all of life’s rhythmic cycles.

*Classes Bailee will be Teaching:

The innate and instinctual rhythm that lives within each soul. A shifting movement found within that is fundamental to self-expression, self-love, and self-healing. Native Movement puts the ego to rest and instills confidence to trust your path. You will come to know alignment, release, empathy, peace, vitality, pleasure and consciousness through Native Movement

Yin Yoga + Meditation – Gentle release from guided movement and stretching. Focused on connecting the breath to the body. Awareness, gratitude and aligning your chakras will be integrated during the guided meditation practice.

Barre – Low impact exercises using the barre + your own body weight to fatigue the muscles in order to tone and target problem areas on the body. Helps with coordination, flexibility, blood flow, endurance, and posture.


Steven Menzel


I have been in love with my wife Michele for over 37 years and married 34 of those tremendous years. We have three amazing children. Now we have two sweet granddaughters and we are excited about the future.

I have always supported Michele’s desire to live and eat naturally and I support her work helping people from all walks of life.  I am excited to come along side of the team at EW as we seek to expand in several different key areas.

– Steven Menzel


Marion Hoover


I am so excited to be able to work with Michele, and provide a wonderful service dear to my heart. With professional training in Germany and ten years of experience in both Germany and the US, you can be assured of top quality treatments. I take great pride in professional and caring service, and you will see and feel the difference. By using the best equipment and products, I can treat you and your skin with confidence.

I am pleased to inform our clients that we use only organic products. They don’t contain any alcohol, sodium laurel sulfate, parabens or propylene glycol. Products we use contain therapeutic grade essential oil, biological sulfur, Coenzyme Q10, vitamin C, DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid, all helping to reverse signs of aging. We take the guesswork out of what products are safe to use. You can feel assured that we are providing your skin the healthy nourishment it needs.

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