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Wellness on the Inside: Counseling & Personal Growth

Joy and peace are your birthright. They are the result of living authentically, and expressing wholly, the potential within.

The journey to healing in body often uncovers opportunities to heal and grow in mind and spirit, as well. Your body listens to every thought you have, so it is important to cultivate compassion and forgiveness for yourself and the world around you.

In dedication to including every aspect of optimal wellness at the Energetic Wellness Center, we brought individual counseling and group personal growth into our fold of services.

Individual Counseling

Your body is a storehouse of wisdom, and its symptoms can be vital information to healing yourself on a deep soul level. With gentle guidance and nonjudgmental listening, Joanna Lambert, LPC, will help you uncover the hidden layers of your soul’s journey to wholeness.

You are the expert on your own life story. As you begin to heal and release past hurts, finding your inner brilliance becomes simply a matter of learning to share your truth with the world.

Radical Forgiveness Book Groups

One of the most transformative energies in the Universe is the power of forgiveness. With the Radical Forgiveness Book Group, you and a group of others dedicated to growing in mind and heart will explore the potential of unconditional forgiveness. Discover the power of group process in listening to and being heard by others as Joanna leads you through group discussions and exercises.

Each group meets once a week for 6 weeks. The next group starts this spring! Join our email list to be one of the first to know when you can join this powerful group.

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