Supplement Packages

Optimize Your Transformation Journey with Quality Supplements


There are two types of supplementation required in the Transformation program. The first is general, designed to give the body basic building blocks for detoxifying systems and building strong reserves. The second type is supplemental, filling in gaps based on your body’s own particular needs. Both types of supplementation are necessary and important as the body regains its balance and begins to work more optimally.

Basic Transformation Supplements


  • Probiotics: 6 strain/11 strain powder or capsules (powder recommended)
  • Green Drink: Pure Synergy Greens or Vitality Powder Super Greens (choose one)
  • Inner Vitality and/or Energy Boost Organic Minerals
  • Cod Liver Oil or Sockeye Salmon Oil (choose one)
  • MHB: 8oz
  • Pure Radiance C: powder or capsules (powder recommended)

Additional Support Package

  • Reset!
  • Bio Melatonin
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

The Complete Cleansing Package


Only use these products during the 48 Days Transformation

  • Lymph Care: 2 bottles
  • GI Restore: 1 bottle
  • Kidney Detox: 4oz
  • Ultra GL: 8oz


Please call our office if you have questions regarding the Transformation supplements!