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Shop Smarter. Eat Healthier. Exercise More. Make a plan and follow through.

We all want to feel lively and energetic every day. We want to age gracefully, maintaining vitality and avoiding major health problems. Yet even when we know achieving optimal health is about making smart choices today, not tomorrow, old habits die hard. Transformation Lifestyle Coaching can help you make lasting changes to your daily lifestyle.

Transformation Lifestyle Coaching Helps you Reach Your Wellness Goals

The information you’ll learn in our health awareness classes, the Transformation program and in one-on-one time with Dr. Menzel is life-changing. Implementing all the new knowledge takes time, though. You’ll need to integrate your goals and priorities into your authentic style of healthy living.

To help our clients integrate the 7 Laws of Wellness and support their bodies’ natural design, we’ve created the Transformation Lifestyle Coaching program. Work with a Transformation Lifestyle Coach personally trained by Dr. Menzel in the Seven Laws of Wellness and how to use them.

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Our coaches will work with you one-on-one and in groups to overcome obstacles, answer questions and reach the next level of optimal wellness.

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