Certified Transformation Lifestyle Coach Training

Become Certified in Coaching the Transformation Journey



Have you experienced the deep changes and enhanced health gained by following Dr. Menzel’s Transformation Program? Are you passionate about helping others create success with the program?

The Transformation program changes lives. Yet with change often comes challenge. The support of an educated, caring coach along the way can mean the difference between success and disappointment.

As the number of people participating in the Energetic Wellness Transformation Programs grew, Dr Menzel saw the opportunity to support those passionate about the program become professional Transformation Lifestyle experts.

With this 6-month training, you’ll become an professional Transformation Lifestyle Coach.

  • Understand more deeply the benefits of each recommended supplement, and how they work with lifestyle changes
  • Clarify your unique principles and way of delivering the Transformation program
  • Learn specific techniques to help people get “unstuck” when they’re challenged.
  • Lead groups and work one-on-one with individuals
  • Earn the potential to join the Energetic Wellness Transformation Coaches team.

After completing the Coaching Program, each student will be certified as a Transformation Lifestyle Coach. Each coach can provide something a little different through his or her own strengths and interests. Coaches that join the Energetic Wellness team will have a profile on our website. You’ll also be able to set up your own practice outside the Center.

By working as a team, not in competition with each other. We will provide answers to a world that is bombarded with health contradictions.

Dr. Menzel invests a lot of her personal attention and support to each participant in the Transformation Lifestyle Coach Training. You’ll have her expertise and advice as you plan your professional path coaching people through their Transformation experiences.

Coach Training programs run twice each year, in January and June. In order to be considered, you’ll need to submit an application and be interviewed.

Interested in applying? You bring the commitment, we’ll bring the tools. Download an information packet now!

Coaching Packet