The 7 Laws







The Seven Laws of Wellness

Seven Lifestyle Laws for Living Well in Body, Mind and Spirit.

Achieving the benefits of natural wellness is just a few simple steps away, and it’s all laid out in Dr. Menzel’s 7 Laws of Wellness.

With the guidance of these seven principles, you’ll be able to unravel and heal from the complicated stressors of the modern American lifestyle.


Food was created to be our medicine and medicine our food.


A good rule of thumb is to drink half your weight in ounces of water daily.


The body has a natural process. We don’t have to tell the body to detoxify.


The body has a daily two-phase cycle.


Studies show a remarkable difference in people with a strong spiritual belief.

Exercise / Oxygen

The body has a natural process. We don’t have to tell the body to detoxify.

Sunshine / Outdoors

Get at least 20 minutes of sunshine a day.

Dr. Menzel has learned the secrets of integrating balanced, natural living into a modern life. She’s spent two decades perfecting these foundational principles. Each of her programs and the Energetic Wellness Center is designed to show you how possible it is to make natural wellness a reality in an artificially messy world.

Ready to take the first step to living the 7 Laws of Wellness? Take the Transformation Journey and create your natural lifestyle!

You can start with an initial visit with Dr. Menzel, a book study group, work with a personal Transformation Lifestyle Coach, or join our group programs running three times a year. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you know when the next Seasonal Group Transformation Program begins.


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