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Whether you are wanting to naturally detox, increase bone density, raise your vitamin D levels, or need acute/chronic pain relief, our whole body services are here to offer you support on your wellness journey.

We have three packages to choose from to help you achieve your wellness goals including discounts on personalized wellness appointments and retail store supplementation.

Each package requires a 3 month minimum.

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Energetic Wellness Naturopath Clinic School Edmond Ok Oklahoma

D-Lite Bed

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for your overall health and immunity. Sufficient levels of this vitamin significantly impact hormones in your body which keep your emotional state uplifted and your immune system strong. With enough Vitamin D (healthy fat made from cholesterol), your heart, bones, and skin are all stronger and more resilient. The primary and best source of Vitamin D is exposure to ultraviolet A & B rays. Get out and get some sunshine! During times when you can’t get out and especially during the winter, enjoy the D-Lite and build your Vitamin D Naturally.

Our ESB D-lite therapy bed at Energetic Wellness gives your body a healthy dose of these rays so it can make its own Vitamin D. Standard commercial tanning beds emit harmful levels of electromagnetic radiation in addition to the important ultraviolet light. Our D-Lite bed is specially designed to reduce and eliminate secondary radiation that makes most indoor tanning unsafe. The bulbs in the bed have a more narrow range of energy they emit so it is healthful. Most importantly, the actual motor of the bed is electronic ballast instead of electromagnetic. It was created to not emit high levels of radiation or EMF. For a healthy boost in your body’s natural levels of Vitamin D, make the D-lite tanning bed part of your regular health routine.

Energetic Wellness Naturopath Clinic School Edmond Ok Oklahoma

Detox Ionic Foot Bath

Our detox ionic foot bath uses controlled circuits and a small amount of electricity, with natural salt and balancing essential oils to infuse your body with health-boosting negative ions. While soaking your feet in the ion-rich water, your body absorbs these negatively charged molecules. For the following two days, these molecules will work deep in your body systems to cleanse built-up environmental toxins and the residue of stress and emotional stress.

Negative ions are naturally present when you’re outdoors in the forest with trees and flowers, flowing water, and fresh earth. When we are kept inside most days, the body begins to lose out on the exposure it needs to these powerful, disease-fighting molecules. The Ionic Detox Foot Bath infuses your tissues with these ions, which continue to work for hours and days afterward. Good for helping to balance hormones for men and women, help with sleep and restlessness, skin issues, yeast infections, and helpful for recovery from injury or surgery.

Energetic Wellness Naturopath Clinic School Edmond Ok Oklahoma

Far Infrared Sauna

Your body works to naturally detoxify itself every day. However, the amount of emotional and environmental stress you experience might be too much for your body’s natural systems to keep up with. The Infrared Sauna takes some of the load off your body by helping you sweat out the toxins and unwind chronic tension in muscles.

Your body emits infrared heat naturally. The Far Infrared Sauna, which works only with safe frequencies of energy, will gently increase that heat to a fever-like state. When the body is that warm, healing and restoration can occur.

Several benefits can come from using the Sauna:

  • Promotes lymphatic cleansing
  • Supports Fat Loss
  • Promotes Cellular Detoxification
  • Relieves back & joint pains
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Relieves Skin Redness and Inflammation
  • Builds Immune Functions
  • The more frequently you use the sauna, the greater the benefits. You can come every day!

*Not for pregnant or breastfeeding women or those with heart conditions.


Whole Body Vibration Vibeplate

Utilizing just 5 minutes per day is the same as exercising in the gym for almost 30 minutes. The vertical vibration is designed to build muscle, and bone density, exercise flexibility, and build cellular health through detoxification. Latest studies show the Vibration plate assists in weight loss and lowers inflammation which is a HUGE benefit considering it's just a few minutes per day!

Whether you want to lose weight, increase bone density, improve brain health and mood, or lower pain and inflammation,  WBV is the way to go!  Start out slow and don’t over do it! Just 5 mins goes a long way!

Whole body vibration invigorates your body and mind, strengthening every part of you, including your immune system and mood!

Energetic Wellness Naturopath Clinic School Edmond Ok Oklahoma

Wellness Pro Plus

The Wellness Pro Plus is a microcurrent frequency generator. These micro currents assist the body in achieving homeostasis, which is its natural state of well being, by correcting electrical abnormalities. Energy flows constantly between all cells throughout the electrical circuitry of the body. The Wellness Pro improves and works with this energy flow giving the body more electrical currency to sleep better, recover better and maintain better homeostasis consistently.

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