Naturopathic Appointments

Naturopathic Appointments

Jessica Menzel, Bionetic Naturopathic Counselor

Michele Menzel, Naturopathic Doctor

Learn how to live and eat naturally for life!

Naturally Balanced Well-Being. Heal faster.

Nourish deeply. Love every minute.

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Individualized health consultations with Jessica Menzel and Dr. Menzel pinpoint the foods, supplements and activities you need to nourish your body and enhance powerful natural healing and detoxification processes. You’ll leave with a comprehensive plan covering easy-to-follow steps you can use to immediately put your body’s natural wellness back on track.

We focus on ways to help your body find the heath you crave, rather than fighting against it.

Naturopathic Appointments with Jessica Menzel & Dr. Menzel:

  • In-depth health consultation to define your health goals and concerns
  • Education on how your body’s natural wellness works
  • Biofeedback testing to reveal the source of health problems and identify the nutrients and nourishment your body needs to heal them.
  • Create a plan of action you can begin following the very same day

SpectraVision Biofeedback Testing

The SpectraVision is a machine that reads your body’s electrical responses to stimulus that can’t be felt. It’s like asking it subconscious questions to your body’s physiology. Your body’s answers reveal its stress patterns and emotional challenges, and how to heal them.

Personalized Health Recommendations

Jessica Menzel and Dr. Menzel combine the results of your SpectraVision scan with over 20 years of natural health experience to create a health plan unique to your body’s needs. You’ll leave knowing what foods to avoid, what foods to eat and how to promote your body’s automatic healing process. Do it all with natural methods!

Immediate Treatment

The SpectraVision system includes a specialized laser to treat the specific imbalances present in your body. The laser is programmed to deliver unique energetic signals to special acupressure points on your head, hands, feet and back, setting your body back on track to balanced wellness that very same day.

Appointment Information

Initial appointments with Jessica Menzel last 2 ½ hours and cost $395.

Initial appointments with Dr. Michele Menzel last 2 ½ hours and cost $495.

Follow up appointments with Jessica Menzel last 1 hour and cost $125.

Follow up appointments with Dr. Michele Menzel last 1 hour and cost $225.

All initial appointments include an optional ½ hour Ionic Detox Foot Bath with a delicious organic snack plate after your appointment. All follow up appointments include an ionic detox foot bath as well!

Upon booking we will send you a Health History form that needs completed at least 48 hours before your appointment.

We recommend you make at least two consecutive follow up appointments after your initial appointment.

After your initial phase working with your practitioner, you may choose to continue with focused work using the SpectraVision technology with these programs:


The amazing SpectraVision technology can be utilized to eliminate sensitivities to specific foods, such as wheat. The unique software behind the cold laser introduces the frequency for the particular sensitivity to your body. If a stress response is detected, the system records it. From there, Dr. Menzel will program the cold laser to utilize low-level light therapy at specific acupressure and auricular points. The light treatment will signal your body to release endorphins and other good chemicals, creating a new, positive response from your body’s immune system.

10 Visits Required. $125 per visit.


We all know that sometimes we bury away difficult feelings, or don’t process them fully. But have you ever considered how these buried emotions affect you on a subconscious level? They create the filters you use to interpret and react to the experiences in your life today.

For example, there is probably someone in your life that you always have problems with, but you can’t figure out why. This happens between family members all the time. Years of research has found that these issues are actually stored within the muscle layers of the physical heart.

We often turn to modalities like counseling to help resolve these feelings. However, that process can take quite a while and can be challenging. The SpetraVision can help resolve those conditions quickly, without hours of talking, excessive tears or emotional distress!

Using the SpectraVision biofeedback as a guide, Emotional CPR finds the emotional trauma and gives your body the emotional pattern, to begin releasing the stored feelings. You’ll start healing on a subconscious level immediately! You’ll also receive a specially formulated Profusion homeopathic liquid to take daily, which will help fully resolve and stabilize your new emotional freedom.

Emotional CPR can be done every two weeks for a patient who desires to quickly resolve emotional stress issues and/or resolves health challenges. An aggressive care plan would be to alternate every two weeks between a SpectraVisionTM balancing and an ECPR treatment. A moderate wellness plan would be to do ECPR a couple times in between quarterly SpectraVisionTM sessions. Emotional CPR can certainly be done as a stand-alone treatment.

Come for as many sessions as you like. $125 per session.

10 Visits Required. $125 per visit.

Are you outside of Edmond, Oklahoma

and would like a remote appointment?

We offer phone/Zoom consultations with our practitioners!

Your appointment will include a virtual SpectraVision Scan.

We just require a hair sample be sent to us!

Please call or email our office for more information on virtual appointments. 

(405) 359-1245,