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Yoga, and Dance, Classes to Make Movement Meaningful Again

Your body was designed to move! Your body craves it! Exercise is essential to balanced living.

Exercise is supposed to be fun and satisfying, too. It’s never a punishment or something to force. Our roster of classes is designed with fun in mind. The release of stress and boost of happy hormones have a myriad of benefits too good to be ignored.

  • Boost your mood
  • Improve digestion
  • Balance your weight
  • Pump up your immunity
  • Prevent chronic conditions

We have a variety of classes offered all throughout the day, with special programs and workshops, too!

Mindful Flow + Core – Engaging in traditional yoga postures and poses while maintaining an awareness throughout each movement. The breath stimulates the body allowing the mind to find clarity and consciousness during each flow. Strengthen and find stability in your core which is the powerhouse to mobility. This class focuses on alignment of the spine, strengthening the pelvic floor while also toning the midsection all at the same time. Tons of internal and external benefits!! (Intermediate Level – Low Impact – Moderate to High Energy)


Yin Yoga – Relax, Restore & Rejuvenate as you awaken the body to the endless possibilities of mobility. Deep, long-held poses, and postures while engaging in breathing exercises will allow for a simple yet beneficial practice that will linger with you for hours post-class. Slow down and give your body what it needs. (All Levels – Low Impact – Low Energy)


intenSati – Cardio aerobics with positive affirmations. This class will enhance your stamina while promoting mental clarity and expand your heart. Set your intentions while engaging with others as you shift your energy inward! You will come to know confidence and willpower with each movement. (All levels – Low Impact – High Energy)


Barre – Different exercises to fatigue the muscles in order to tone the body. This class enhances flexibility, posture, stamina, and strength. Props such as the ballet barre, kettlebells, and our own body weight allow us to take our workout to the next level!

(All Levels – Low Impact – Moderate Energy)


Native Movement – Yoga + Dance + Tribal Influence. It is the innate and instinctual rhythm that lives within each of us. This unique class was developed to find alignment and healing through movement. You will move with intentions and allow your heart, mind, body & spirit to guide you. This movement therapy is centered on self-love, self-expression, and self-healing. No dance experience is required. Connect with your true self, create manifestations and expand through vulnerability. (All Levels – Low Impact – All Energy Levels)


Tai Chi – The purpose of Tai Chi is to achieve a state of meditation. The Tai Chi practice for health and wellness is made up slow, circular, rhythmic movements. These movements are based on the concepts of Yin and Yang, balancing the heavy and the light. Tai Chi helps the participant find their limits and push past them while keeping them mindful of the present moment, also known as the Tao. (All Levels – Low Impact – Moderate Energy)


Yoga for Menopause & Beyond – This class for those experiencing menopause and the symptoms that come with it. This gentle yoga class is great to reduce inflammation, relieve stress, alleviate menopause symptoms, target insomnia issues, strengthen muscles and joints and encourage natural ways to cope with depression and anxiety. It is centered on mindful breathing. (Beginner Level – Low Impact – Low Energy Level)

No matter what level of experience you have in any of these types of movement, our instructors will pay attention to your individual needs and help you excel to your best ability!

FREE Community Class Last Saturday of Every Month 12pm-1pm

Class Policy

You must sign up at least an hour prior to class by calling 405-359-1245 or emailing your name and class time to

*In the event that no one signs up an hour prior to class – it will be CANCELLED.

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Movement Studio Pricing

$15 Drop In

$125 Month Unlimited

$48 Pack of 4 Classes

$30 Pack of 4 Classes (Students Only)


Wellness Services Pricing

Come to the Energetic Wellness Center for a class or buy a package today!

Exercise at least 30 minutes, every day!

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